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Live better. Live with independence.

Reverse how you feel

At Leef we dedicate all we do to reverse the way people feel about their independence – from worry and concern, to hope and optimism. Our goal, with every customer, is to ensure they experience more, live better and feel a sense of worth and dignity.

Through our approach to assessment, our cutting-edge innovative products & ideas and the places we create, we seek to ensure people are inspired to see independence differently.

Our Science

Leef is part of the Australian scientific community

Ongoing research

Our academic partners are focused on understanding functional decline, optimal ageing and functional health. Leef pursues the development of capability in co-design solutions for promoting the health, wellbeing and independence of older adults.

University collaboration

Leef promotes collaboration through interdisciplinary relationships across universities, research, training and community partners. We play our part in solving challenges associated with independence and functional health.

Leef community

Leef is committed to creating a community that advocates an inclusive society in which ageing and disabled people are both valued and remain in control of their life choices.

Increasing independence

Early and targeted interventions can prevent and slow down functional decline in older and disabled people. Leef is committed to closing the critical translational gap between best practice evidence and the availability of holistic services, products and support for older and disabled people wanting to retain their independence.

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"What an amazing place! Refreshing approach to all your independent living needs supported by amazing staff.”
Giscard Rutten
"Fabulous staff that know what they're talking about. Great products for the elderly and the disabled”
Rick Hyde
"Good location and friendly service. Good variety and range of products.”
Vince Papillo
"Wonderful range of items to assist the disabled and friendly useful advice"
Mandi Wilson
"Helpful and friendly staff. Good range of mobility/assisted living items.”
Nathan Goode
"If you're in trouble go there they might help you.”
Marcin RS
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