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Some see obstacles. 
We see challenges to overcome.


Our belief.

We believe every day on earth should add to who we are and how we live.


Our commitment.


Why we exist.

We are about independence.

The simple, powerful notion that people should have the chance to live every day – on their own terms and in their own right.

But we know this self-determination is something many can’t take for granted.

Whether it’s during ageing, living with disability or recovering with rehabilitation, the enablement of independence is the difference between mere existence and a life well lived.

That’s why, at Leef, we dedicate all we do to reverse the way people feel about their independence – from that of worry and concern, to hope and optimism.

Through our approach to assessment, our cutting edge innovative products & ideas and the places we create, we seek to ensure people are inspired to see independence differently.

Our goal, with every customer, is to ensure they experience more, live better and feel a sense of worth and dignity – with every day on earth resulting in happiness, health, strength and most of all, freedom.


The things we value most.

For us to serve our customers and add genuine value to people’s lives, we choose to live by four key principles; happy, healthy, strong & free.


Happy is the ultimate outcome every customer should feel after coming in contact with this brand.

This is both short term through our service experience or longer term through the way our products enhance their independence. This is also about the defining traits that create happiness; dignity, integrity, respect, honesty and trust. It’s also about our own happiness – at work and through our purpose. Our passion, teamwork, support for each other, drive to find better ways, and desire to do things with a sense of urgency will mean this place is a happy place to work.


We are a health and wellbeing brand, dedicated to creating health through independence. 

Feeling healthy is both physical and mental as people seek to live in ways of their choosing. Everything we do must contribute to improving the health of those we come into contact with. Healthy and healthier are the measures we must live by.


We must display a strength of purpose, character and advice to ensure those we serve optimise their own sense of strength and independence in their lives. 

It also refers to the management and strength of our brand, as all we do must be done with professional excellence and best practice. A strong brand knows itself and is financially sound. It provides a place for its people to feel safety and belonging. Strong is also continuous improvement, accountability, do or do not –not merely try.


The ultimate aim of our brand is independence and freedom for people to live every day – on their own terms and in their own right.

This is our brand essence. Without freedom, life lacks meaning and passion. We can never take this simple notion for granted and we should always encourage our people and our customers to appreciate and seek their version of freedom.


Leef Independent Living Solutions is supported by an incredibly experienced and passionate Leadership Team.



Prof. John Pollaers OAM


Founder and Executive Chairman

Equipped with a distinct approach to changing the perception of ageing and disability in Australia, along with a wide range of executive experience, John's aim is to tell a new story about how you can live better and retain your independence.

Professor John Pollaers

Cathie Lindholm


General Manager, Integrated Care and Functional Health

Ageing isn’t something older adults need to fear or feel badly about. The same is true for disability. In fact, functional decline can be slowed and managed better – but many people don’t have access to accessible practical assessments, or know how to find the right products and services. That was the view brought to Leef by Cathie Lindholm, a qualified Occupational Therapist with over 30 years’ experience as a business leader in restoration, rehabilitation and functional health.

Cathie Lindholm


Leef Independent Living Centre

The aged care and disability industries are critical to so many Australians, but they need advancement and change.  With over 100 years of combined health and disability solutions experience, the Leef Independent Living Solutions Leadership Team have a stellar track record of helping people to discover what's possible. They focus on bringing their passion for product and customer care together to make sure people’s needs are met in the way that they want.  Leef respects the choices and preferences of all individuals and will try to find solutions to even the most complex of care and functional needs so that individuals and families can live the best lives they can and in the in the way that they choose.


Leef Independent Living Solutions Team

For You.

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