Almost 20 percent of Australian’s - that's about 4 million of us - currently live with a disability, and a great deal more live with some kind of functional limitation. That's a lot of Australian’s, and that number is more than likely to grow as Australia's population ages

Some conditions that can make it harder for people to use web pages include:

  • Vision or hearing impairment
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Dyslexia

At Leef we want to do our very best to make sure everyone can easily access all of our information and services.

With this in mind we have focused on ensuring all text is clearly visible and easy to read, as well as ensuring or design is simplified and functional to avoid confusion as much as possible.

Our website is optimised to be accessible and we're continually testing and improving to meet all accessibility needs.

Help us to be more accessible

Please let us know if:

  • you're having trouble using one any aspect of our website or online store
  • you've seen something we could improve for people using assistive technologies like screen readers.