10 Great Gifts for Seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

It seems that no two people living with Alzheimer's or dementia experience the same symptoms. A variety of challenges can appear in the early stages and alter as the disease advances. We also find that symptoms, challenges, and behaviours can vary across the day and even from day to day. These changes can be concerning and confusing for everyone - for family, friends and especially for the person experiencing them.


Kindness, emotional support, understanding, and patience go a long way to helping people live more positively with the daily challenges of Alzheimer's or dementia and in addition there are many products and Dementia aids available that provide assistance and reassurance.  When the memory cannot be relied upon, when the world feels confusing or stressful, or when people feel agitated or 'out of sorts' and really just don’t know why, products that provide orientation and focus, or comfort and distraction, can be really helpful to make the day feel much more manageable. 


I have listed below some ideas for great gifts to buy for seniors or those living with Dementia or Alzheimer's disease. These are some of our favourite things and I hope they might help you, or someone you care for, to feel better equipped to maintain better health and feel safe and supported in your/their day.


Memory aids

Often when people are experiencing the early symptoms of Dementia or Alzheimer's they are conscious of memory challenges and this creates a lot of anxiety for them. Later on they may also find it difficult to maintain a sense of time, or to feel on top of the activities scheduled for their day.



Reminder clocks and devices to prompt medication taking or remind you to carry out different daily activities can be reassuring and very practical aids for maintaining independence. If these prompts are introduced as early as possible when symptoms are noticed, the person’s ability to absorb the new learning required to begin the habit of using these devices is more likely to be successful.


Rosebud Reminder Clock



Med-E-Lert Automated Pill Dispenser



Products to help people experience more enjoyment in their day

Music is widely found to lift the spirits and help people to feel connected and content. Leef has many products to help bring people’s personal music tastes to them in a way that they are able to easily manage and control – your personal musical selections wrapped in a comforting cuddly teddy (Arthur), or our retro styled simple music players with intuitive one button controls – mean people living with Dementia can listen to the music that is meaningful to them anytime they wish.


Our hi tech but simple to use Inmu is also based on the joy of musical connection, interacting with the user to create soothing comforting sounds and a vibration to help provide easing relaxation for all situations, even aiding sleep.


Arthur the Musical Bear


Simple Music Player


inmuRelax Cushion



Hire for $50/week


Keeping the mind active

Maintaining activity is a great way to help people living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease add meaning and focus to their day, and these products designed for this specific group are age appropriate, dignified, easily managed, and have built in success.



The Relish range of products (previously named ActiveMinds) developed by a caring grandson for his grandfather who needed dignified age appropriate occupation, are able to be enjoyed alone when occupation or distraction is needed or can be completed as a group or family activity bringing people together from young to old with many and varied fun creative activities to suit all interests.


Relish Jigsaw Puzzles

Available in 13, 35, 63 piece


Relish - Aquapaints


Relish- Snakes and Ladders & Ludo


Relish - Animal Snap




Keeping safe

Keeping safe is a high priority for us all, and for those living with Dementia, and there are a few little things that can be done to help avoid trips and falls and make living spaces safer. One of our favourites is the simple sensor light. Many people will forget to turn on a light switch when getting up in the night. Having a couple of strategically placed sensors that will turn on when your feet hit the floor, and while you are on the way or in the bathroom, will help make the journey safer and assist with finding the loo.


Motion Activated LED Sensor Light



It is important for all of us to remember that, of course, the well accepted keeping healthy and positive 'rules for life' still apply for those living with dementia.

If we are able to stay well hydrated this helps maintain better continence and to reduce the risk of UTIs, eating well and getting the nourishment we need for energy and a robust immune and repair systems will keep us in better general health and feeling at our best, and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise is basically good for everything! If these things are coupled with regular and good quality sleep we will most likely feel better and enjoy life more.


These 'rules' are no different when living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, and getting these basics right, including using whatever specialised equipment is needed to drink, eat, exercise and sleep well, will support better wellbeing.


We have many personalised solutions for specific challenges and concerns so don’t hesitate to reach out to our Team at your nearest Leef Independent Living Solutions store to find the tailored solutions that you need.


- Cathie



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