Get in and out of the bath easier

Aids to make a relaxing bath more accessible

The benefits of a warm relaxing bath, on both the mind and body, are often understated.

Helping to relive muscle and joint tensions, improve circulation, as well as helping to cleanse and moisturise your skin, a hot bath can have great benefits on your body as well as being a great time to relax and unwind.


However, transferring to and from the bath, especially for those with limited mobility can become difficult and potentially unsafe if the right aids aren’t in place.


There are a wide variety of different aids to assist users to enjoy are warm bath, ranging from simple bath benches all the way to complete transfer aids that assist with moving the user into the bathroom over and into the bath.


Bath benches

Bath boards and benches can provide a simple solution to make getting in and out of the bath that little bit easier and safer.

A good solution for those that are still quite independent, but the addition of a secure surface and handholds would make a difference in limiting the risk of falls.

Some options feature backrests and hand holds.


Peak - Deluxe Bath Transfer Bench with BackPeak Bath board with handle


Bath lifts

Bath Lifts offer an additional level of assistance by lowering and raising the user into the bath, reducing the strain required.

Aquatec Orca bathlift

Bath lifts often have section to assist the user by sitting on the edge of the bath, sliding across to the centre of the bath lift, before using the hand controller to smoothly lower oneself into the bathwater.


Some options have the added benefit of being able to recline once in the water as well.


Aquatec Orca Bath Lift


Tubbuddy SB2T

A complete transfer system


The SB2T TubBuddy transfer system offers a complete transfer system, allowing a carer to transfer the user in a transit commode which connects easily to a frame attached to the bath. This frame then allows the user to be safely and securely positioned over the bathtub.


SB2T in the bathTubbuddy SB2T system


The tilt function has the additional benefit of providing pressure relief as well as reducing caregiver burden by allowing the user to transfer into the bathtub without having to raise their legs.


In addition to providing a secure bath transfer solution, the TubBuddy can also roll over most toilets as an over toilet aid, or function as a standard toilet commode.


TubBuddy Tilt SB2T - Bath Tub Transfer Aid



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