September is world Alzheimer's month

Dementia Care Solutions – 3 latest innovations from around the world


World Alzheimer's Month

September 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of World Alzheimer’s Month – the international campaign to raise awareness, encourage support and demystify the stigma around dementia.


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common types of dementia. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of memory
  • Trouble in associating the rights words and understanding what people are saying
  • Difficulty in performing previously routine tasks
  • Changes in mood and personality


Alzheimer's is a type of Dementia, Alzheimer's is a cause of Dementia


There is currently no cure for dementia so it is crucial that we focus on what we can do to care for those with dementia. It is vital that the elderly and those living with dementia are not socially excluded.


The key considerations Leef adopts when determining our range of solutions to assist caring for those living with dementia are:

  • Keeping the mind and body active and engaged
  • Providing a sense of calmness and relaxation
  • Social interaction
  • Simple activities
  • Sensory experiences
  • Routine


Did you know? Someone in the world develops dementia approximately every 3 seconds


With the advancement of technology, there are now many solutions available to care for those living with dementia which enable inclusion, and encourage cognitive, physical and social stimulation.


This is why we proud to be the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for the following products that support those living with dementia, as well as those that care for them:

  1. Tovertafel 2 – the magic table
  2. inmu – a multi-sensory experience
  3. Rendever – virtual reality for seniors


tover 2

Tovertafel 2

The magic table

The Tovertafel 2 from Tover is a beautiful piece of interactive technology made to provide many moments of happiness to people living with dementia or an intellectual disability.


With the ability to project games onto a table, wall or floor, the Tovertafel 2 is ideal for:

  • Social stimulation
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Physical stimulation

This is a great solution not only for a group gatherings, but even a one-on-one session.
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‘It brings me so much joy seeing the positive interaction residents have at facilities when showcasing the benefits of this amazing innovative product.

The My Tover learning platform also provides up to date information and suggestions for activity plans making it super easy for Lifestyle Coordinators to plan the activities for their residents.’

Joanna Towers
Wellbeing and Lifestyle Consultant


Inmu Dance and Inmu Relax


A multi-sensory experience

This unique sensory stimulation tool is designed to encourage movement, evoke memories, and provides adaptable music with a feeling of soft vibrations… all of which are proven to provide therapy to those living with dementia.


Both inmuDANCE and inmuRELAX use artificial intelligence software to compose music in real time. The music changes as you touch, stroke and move the inmu. The notable difference between the inmuDANCE and inmuRELAX models are the music created and textures of the cover.


The inmuRELAX music and soft-to-touch cover is designed to calm and comfort the user, helping to reduce anxiety and create a feeling of closeness and safety.


The inmuDANCE, as the name suggests, creates more upbeat music. Also, there are multiple playful textures that strategically make up the inmuDANCE. They have been found to assist in games that evoke memory.



The technology behind this product is truly magical. Every stitch, fabric, vibration and musical component used to make up the inmu enables flexibility to suit the use and mood of multiple users. With just a slight touch, the inmu is brought to life.


There are also a series of games associated with the inmu’s that can be very beneficial for routine activities in facilities.


Both inmu's can be used in a group setting or with one user.

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Virtual reality for seniors

The Rendever system is focused on overcoming social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences.


This headset enables people to travel to any part of the world with their loved ones, to enjoy experiences together. This is also a great solution for a facility to create social interaction amongst residents.



Residents can stroll down memory lane, revisiting their childhood home or any location from their past. It’s a great solution for family members to experience memories together.


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