International Day of Older Persons

Digital Equity for All Ages


On the 1st of October 2021, we celebrate International Day of Older Persons. This year’s theme is ‘’Digital Equity for All Ages.’’


We all have a part of play in ensuring that our elderly population feel included in the digital world while tackling stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination associated with the rapidly evolving digital world.


At Leef, we are proud to be the sole distributor of two of the world’s leading cutting-edge innovations that aim to support people living with dementia and/or cognitive challenges.


These technological marvels are designed for people that may otherwise have very limited access to the digital world, and have been proven to provide social, cognitive and physical benefits.


tover 2

Tovertafel 2

The magic table


The Tovertafel 2 is a complete interactive games system designed for people living with dementia, or with intellectual disabilities.

Based on extensive scientific research, the Tovertafel has been proven to improve the quality of life of players and the quality of care that carers can provide. Through stimulating social interaction movement and cognitive exercise, The Tovertafel gives true meaning to "purposeful" play.


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Virtual reality for seniors

The Rendever system is focused on overcoming social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences.


This headset enables people to travel to any part of the world with their loved ones, to enjoy experiences together. This is also a great solution for a facility to create social interaction amongst residents.


Residents can stroll down memory lane, revisiting their childhood home or any location from their past. It’s a great solution for family members to experience memories together.



These products enable the elderly to stay connected with loved ones and participant in group activities with fellow residents all with the power of modern-day technology. Both products have been successful in many aged care facilities across Australia and New Zealand, providing benefits for residents and carers alike.


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