Powered Wheelchair

Powered Wheelchairs

Benefits and 3 things to consider when choosing the right one for you

Powered Wheelchairs – also known as Power Chairs – can be the perfect alternative for both manual wheelchairs or mobility scooters, to provide easier transport with less strain on muscles and joints.



Designed primarily for those who can only walk a short distance or not at all, powerchairs offer an extremely mobile, agile and comfortable mobility aid, that in the right circumstances increase the user’s independence and allow them to live their life on their own terms.


Some benefits of powered wheelchairs include:


We also listed a few things you should consider when choosing the right powerchair for you, such as:



Easier on muscles and joints

Constantly using a self-propelled wheelchair for prolonged periods of time can lead to muscle strain and fatigue. Rather than being resorting to using transit wheelchairs and being pushed around by a carer, a powerchair can allow the user to maintain that freedom of getting out an about independently.


Powered wheelchairs can also be a good option if the primary caregiver is a family member or partner that can no longer continue to transport the user as much as before.


Powerchairs should also be considered as an alternative to Mobility scooters if upper body mobility is becoming an issue but the user is still comfortable and able to use the joystick to steer. Furthermore, they often provide greater postural support and are more comfortable if being used for prolonged periods of time.



Whilst some mobility scooters are designed for use indoors and are small enough to be used in confined spaces, they cannot match the manoeuvrability of a powerchair, in particular those with mid-wheel drive design. These powerchairs feature the drive wheel in the centre of the chair allowing for very tight turning circle, whilst the front and rear castors ensure stability.


A limitation of many powerchairs is the weight and difficulty to disassemble and reassemble the chairs. This makes taking them travelling or transporting them more difficult that manual wheelchairs or smaller collapsible mobility scooters.

Powered wheelchair user at the pub


Things to consider when choosing your power chair

Certain things to consider when choosing which Powered Wheelchair is right for you.


Where will it be used?

Wheel size and total chair size

Outdoors vs indoors?

  • If the power chair will be sued outdoors a lot and will need to get over bumps and rougher terrain a larger powerchair with larger wheels may be more comfortable and suitable
  • If primarily being used indoors and in tight spaces, the benefits of larger wheels will be lessened and the smaller footprint of smaller powerchairs will make manoeuvring that little bit easier.


Travel Range

How far do you need to travel?

When choosing a powerchair, maximum travel distance should be considered. If you need to travel a certain distance to and from the shops, or spend a large portion of the day out and about, a powerchair with a greater battery capacity could be beneficial.


User’s physical characteristics

Whilst many powerchairs offer adjustable armrests and seat heights, it is worth considering the seat size and maximum weight capacity to ensure the model is suitable.


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