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3 tips for using the toilet more comfortably and independently


What are toilet aids?

Toilet Aids are products that support people with giving them strength and stability when needing to use the bathroom.


Why is it important to consider toilet aids?

Having to use a toilet presents a risk to those who may have restricted mobility, balance and strength.

Here are some common challenges in using the toilet and suggestions on how to make it easier:

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  1. Has difficulty in getting to the bathroom quick enough
  2. Has difficulty in getting up after sitting on a toilet
  3. Experiences difficulty in wiping



1. Has difficulty in getting to the bathroom quick enough

– we suggest the commode chairs from our kCare range.


K-Care Deluxe Bedside Commode Chair

Available in Small, Medium, or Large


K-Care Economy Bedside Commode Chair

These products provide a perfect solution for comfort, adjustability, and convenience. Both products offer a padded curved backrest with padded arms feature for more support. These products can be situated anywhere in a home for easy access and with its angle adjustable legs, is a great solution for those wanting to adjust the height for ease of use.



2. Has difficulty in getting up after sitting on a toilet

– you should consider recommending an over toilet aid.


At Leef with have an array of over toilet aids to choose from. Below are some options to consider:


Peak Aluminium Folding - Over Toilet Aid

with Lid and Bowl


Endeavour Life Care - Over Toilet Frame

Both products are a great solution for homes where the bathroom is a shared space between those that require extra support and those that may not as they are easy to maneuver.


For anyone experiencing the effects of arthritis, Parkinson’s back pain, weakness or fatigue, these products provide the security they may need to assist them in standing up from the toilet with their adjustable legs and sturdy arm rests.



3. Experiences difficulty in wiping

– we highly recommend our Homecraft Bottom Wiper range at Leef.


These products are a fantastic solution to maintain personal hygiene.


Homecraft Bottom Wiper


Homecraft Folding Bottom Wiper

With recessed serrations to grip toilet paper, users do not have to worry about toilet paper falling off.


Further to that, the way they are shaped gives users’ peace of mind in knowing that they can correctly wipe from front to back with limited movement to avoid possible infection.


Browse our Toilet range online or visit one of our 17 independent living centres around Australia.

Our team will tailor the product solutions based on the needs of you or someone you know.


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