Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. Is SafeStraw the best drinking aid for people with dysphagia?

    Cathie's CornerDysphagia – the tendency to cough and ‘choke’ when drinking - can be a serious and frightening condition if it is not carefully managed. Thankfully, there are a number of eating and drinking aids, including the SafeStraw by Bionix, that can help people with dysphagia to eat and drink with more confidence.

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  2. How to choose the best bed for seniors with mobility issues

    As many of us get older we might experience reduced flexibility, a bit of stiffness or pain, or develop other medical conditions that can make it hard to get comfortable in bed and to enjoy a restorative and enjoyable sleep. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to help with that!

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  3. What walking aid should I use? Rollator, frame, walking stick or crutches?

    Rollators or walkers, walking sticks, and crutches each offer different levels of support and versatility. This guide is designed to help you choose which walking aid is the right one for you and your needs to help you maintain your mobility indoors and outdoors.

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  4. Why Companion Pets bring comfort and joy to people living with Dementia

    Cathie's Corner - companion pets

    Those of us that love pets, or who have always had pets, intuitively seem to know that they provide us comfort, company and generally a sense of wellbeing. We tend to talk to them, sit with them, and enjoy interacting with them. Maybe surprisingly to some, the same feelings seem to be enjoyed in response to interacting with our Companion Pet Cats and Companion Pet Dogs.  

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