Comfort & Positioning Aids

  1. Different kinds of positioning aids and their benefits

    Positioning Aids benefits

    Different kinds of positioning aids and their benefits

    The benefits of Comfort and Positioning Aids are often two-fold; allowing the user to increase comfort and ease muscle or joint pain, as well as providing relief for certain conditions or symptoms – such as acid reflux, issues with breathing, circulation or pressure care.

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  2. Comfort and positioning aids: prevent neck or back pain and snoring

    Solutions Hub - Comfort & Positioning Aids

    Is your sleeping position causing you pain and discomfort?

    Learn about how the way you sleep may be having an impact on your snoring and even cause you to wake up with neck and back pain – plus find out what you can do to fix that.

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  3. How to choose the best bed for seniors with mobility issues

    As many of us get older we might experience reduced flexibility, a bit of stiffness or pain, or develop other medical conditions that can make it hard to get comfortable in bed and to enjoy a restorative and enjoyable sleep. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to help with that!

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