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Configura recliner lift chairs – post purchase adjustments

Recliner lift chairs are designed to be a long-term purchase, and yet it is not uncommon for the users’ requirements and conditions to change in the lifetime of the chair, often leading to an entirely new chair having to be purchased.


The Configura range of recliner lift chairs are designed and built with this in mind – enabling you to make many small adjustments without having to make any additional purchases, as well as many more by purchasing a small attachment or adjustment kit, rather than purchasing a whole new chair.


The four key areas of adjustment are:

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  1. Size
  2. Pressure Management
  3. Postural Care
  4. Rise position angle (convert from tilt rise to vertical rise)



As well as being able to select a size chair upon purchase, seat height, width and depth can all be adjusted post purchase if multiple people are using the chair, or if the primary users’ body shape / requirements change.


Seat Depth

figure of seat depth


  • Seat depth can be set to 457 mm (18”) or 508 mm (20”) without any additional purchases
  • An depth adjustment kit can be purchased to further decrease the depth of the seat by an additional 51 mm (2”) if required, to a minimum seat depth of 406 mm (16”).

Width between armrests

Reversing the armrests


  • Whilst the physical seat width cannot be adjusted post purchase, you do have the option to adjust the width between the armrests slightly.
  • The armrests as standard overhang slightly on the outside of the chair, it is possible to swap the armrests to reduce the width between the armrests by approximately 40 mm (1.5”).

Seat Height

  • Chair height can be adjusted by purchasing a height adjustments kit.
  • These kits allow you to increase the chair height by 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm), to ensure the perfect fit for the user.


  • Please note that the castors are lifted off the ground when the height adjustment kits are in use, so cannot be used to move the chair.


Pressure Management

The seat overlay has a visco foam insert as standard. This cushion can be removed and replaced with an alternate foam, gel or alternating air cushion (such as Roho cushions) that is 457 mm x 457 mm x 76 mm (18” x 18” x 3”).


Please note – the cushion must be the correct size to ensure the support properties and pressure care is sufficient for the user.


Postural Care

Interchangeable backrest options are available to accommodate all levels of postural need. Meanwhile Tilt-in-space mechanisms were designed to be used to assist with maintaining pelvic stability.

Backrest pillows

  • The three backrest pillows are fitted to the chair using a loop and hook fastening system.
  • Whilst the top pillow must remain in the top position, the middle and bottom cushions can be flipped into a horizontal position to suit the needs of the user.

Back rest pillows flipped

Pillow filling adjustment

  • The filling quantity for each cushion can be adjusted to improve the comfort for the user

Additional / Alternate cushion supports

There are numerous cushions and positioning aids – designed specifically for use with the Configura Comfort range – available for purchase to provide additional postural support, including:

  • Lower Lateral support cushions – provides minor/moderate lateral support
  • Full lateral support backrest – encourages a good midline sitting position for users whose posture is flexible
  • Height adjustable lateral support backrest – adjust the height of the supports
  • Profiled headrest - suitable for users with reduced lateral head control

Examples of additional cushion support


Adjustment of rise angle and position

Some people require – or just prefer – a flatter rise with less of a tilt as the chair rises to its highest point, rather than being “tipped out of the chair.”


The Configura Comfort range allows for three levels of tilt angle:

  • Standard – 23 degree angle at full rise
  • Medium – 14 degree angle at full rise
  • Or “Flat rise” – 2 degree angle at full rise


Changing the rise angle will affect the maximum user weight capacity for the chair.






Small 160kg 110kg Not available



160kg 135kg 110kg

Rise position angles


Please note:

All adjustments should be made by a registered service provider to ensure the safety and functionality of the chair. Please get in touch with your nearest store and we can arrange for any adjustments required.



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