Walking Aids - Rollators


Different kinds of Rollators and the benefits of each type

Having difficulty in walking steadily?

Do you find it hard to move at a faster pace?

Do you find yourself needing to take a seat every so often?


You could consider a rollator walking aid.


Rollators can be a great mobility aid for those wanting to maintain their mobility in their home and even outside. Rollators feature a brake system and seating solution that give users peace of mind in knowing that they:

  • Can walk at a faster speed with confidence
  • Are supported by a secure frame to maintain their stability
  • Can set the brakes and have a seat absolutely anywhere if they are out of breath or need a rest



They are a handy alternative for those that find lifting a standard walker as they walk difficult. Most rollators also come with a handy basket to keep belongings in so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bag as well.


Whilst many Rollators can be used indoors and outdoors, some models are specifically designed for one or the other.

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  1. Outdoor rollators – with larger wheels
  2. Indoor rollators – perfect for manufering inside the house
  3. Gutter arm rollators – for those requiring extra support for their lower body
  4. Transit rollators – for those that do sometimes require carer's assitance

Grandmother playing with grandchildren at the park with rollator


Outdoor Rollators

Outdoor rollators tend to feature larger wheels and are overall larger in size, allowing them to better roll over any obstacles, gutters, or debris in your path.


Peak Ellipse Carbon Fibre Rollator - Super Lite

Available in Small, Medium, or Large


Peak 8 Inch Rollator

Available in Standard or Tall


Indoor Rollators

Meanwhile, compared with outdoor rollators, Indoor Rollators are far lighter, fold up smaller, and have a smaller footprint when in use, perfect for use in tight spaces where a bulkier rollator may become difficult to use.


Many indoor rollators also feature a tray to assist you in carrying around food or drinks.


Some indoor rollators feature a single bar and brake system, which is perfect for allowing those with limited or no use in one arm to still use these supportive walking aids. As well as being able to safely break the rollator with only one hand, the added tray and/or basket can make it that much easier to transport food, drinks or other items around the home.


Trustcare Indoor Rollator

Available in Beech or Red


Adjustable Height Trolley Walker



Gutter Arm Rollators

Also commonly known as forearm rollators - feature comfortable arm rests that allow the user to shift their body weight to allow for greater stability and mobility.


Designed for those going through rehabilitation or with further reduced leg strength, by shifting the weight more onto the forearms, the gutter arm rollator provides greater security and support.


Taima Rollator with Gutter Arm supports



2 in 1 Transit Rollators

For those that do sometimes require carer’s assistance, and may need a wheelchair at times, but mostly are able to independently walk around with the aid of a rollator, the 2 in 1 Transit Rollators can be a great option.


Convertible from a traditional rollator style walking aid, into a functional transit wheelchair, 2-in-1 rollators are perfect for getting out and about, knowing you can have the option of sitting and resting, or even being pushed back home by a carer.


Days 2 In 1 Transit Rollator



There are so many different types of rollators to choose from.


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