Positioning Aids benefits

Different Kinds of positioning aids and their benefits

The benefits of Comfort and Positioning Aids are often two-fold; allowing the user to increase comfort and ease muscle or joint pain, as well as providing relief for certain conditions or symptoms – such as acid reflux, issues with breathing, circulation or pressure care.


There are many different types of position aids, many of which can be used together, and all provide different benefits or relief.


Three main types of comfort and positioning aids are:

  • Body / backrest supports
  • Legrest supports
  • Side sleeping / positioning supports


Body / backrest supports

Bed Wedges, Body Pillows and other backrest supports can be the perfect aid to increase comfort and support for your back and spine while sitting up or resting in bed.


Furthermore, when used correctly while sleeping, the elevated angle can help ease cold, flu, sinusitis symptoms as well providing relief to breathing difficulties and/or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) – allowing gravity to prevent stomach acids from rising to the throat.


Contoured Bed Wedge

Quilted cover


TheraMed Contoured Bed Wedge

Cover options: quilted, quilted with white slip cover, or Steri-Plus


Body Pillows such as the TheraMed Pyramid Pillow offer additional lower back support in addition to a comfortable backrest, whether you’re sitting up in bed or lounging in your favourite chair.


TheraMed Pyramid Pillow in Tailored Slip


Banana Pillows can be used to provide support whilst sitting up as well as providing correct alignment and comfortable positioning for side sleepers.


TheraMed Banana Body Pillow

Available in Medium or Large


Some body-supports can be adjusted by either removing foam inserts from the pillow to adjust the angle, or like the Adjusta Wedge support by simply adjusting the positioning of the cushions. Giving you some benefits similar to that of an Electric Adjustable Bed. Perfect if you are travelling and don’t have access to your usual adjustable sleeping options.


TheraMed Adjusta Wedge Body Support

Legrest supports

Legrest and knee supports are most commonly used to either aid circulation and provide pain relief for aching muscles or joins, or to reduce strain, pressure or tension in the lower back by improving weight distribution.


Knee relaxers or knee supports are designed for use with a bed wedge or back support, combining to cradle the back and decompress the vertebrae along the spine. This also allows the chest to open up and improve lung capacity for more relaxed breathing.


TheraMed Knee Relaxer Support


TheraMed Quad Cushion – Traditional Foam

Cover options: Dura-Fab or Steri-Plus


Full leg supports are recommended for those who may be suffering from swollen legs / ankles, varicose veins, as well as during pregnancy or recuperation from illness. By elevating the legs away from the hips, pressure is taken off the lower back, while aiding circulation to assist vascular drainage and reduce strain on the heart.


TheraMed Leg Relaxer


Side sleeping / positioning supports

Leg spacers, knee cushions, positioning body wedges and supports are designed to help ensure correct spinal and body alignment whilst sleeping on your side. By ensuring correct positioning you can reduce strain and pressure on the back muscles and spine allowing for a more restful sleep.


The correct side sleeping position can help prevent the build-up of pressure sores in certain areas by providing improved distribution of pressure, as well as maintaining this position throughout the night can assist in limiting snoring.



TheraMed Positioning Body Wedge

Available in Medium or Large


TheraMed Side Sleeper - Snoring Relief Leg Support


Illustration of knee pillow and how it helps your sleeping posture

Leg spacers or knee cushions are perfect for those that wake up with back or hip pain, by correcting alignment of the legs and spine whilst you sleep.


Without correct alignment pressure and strain can build up in the lower back where the spine twists, as well along the legs. 



TheraMed Leg Spacer Support Cushion


iCare Knee Cushion


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