Differet types of manual wheelchairs - which one is more suitable?

Manual Wheelchairs are designed for people who are only able to walk very short distances or unable to walk at all.

They allow people to remain independent in their own home, nursing home or retirement village, and allows them to access the local community and go about their everyday life.


Wheelchairs come in two standard configurations: self-propelled or transit (also often known as attendant propelled). As well as being available in three standard weight categories: lightweight, ultra-lightweight and heavy duty.


Wheelchair types - self propelled


Self-Propelled or Transit?


A self-propelled wheelchair allows you to use the wheelchair independently.


They have a set of larger rear wheels - usually 24” (60cm), swivelling front castors and hand rims to push the wheels round with. Self-Propel wheelchairs are suitable for going over rougher terrain like over grass or up kerbs.



Peak Neptune Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Available in 16" and 18" seat width



If you will require assistance from someone like a carer to push you around in the wheelchair, you should consider a transit model with the smaller rear wheels. The standard size for these wheels is 12” (30cm).


In addition to the standard manual brakes by the wheels, many transit models offer attendant brakes to assist the carer in reducing speed down hills or lock in place for safety when required.


Transit models are generally slightly lighter in weight for transporting and take up a little less room in the boot of the car. If it is not safe or practical to propel yourself, transits models are generally the most suitable option.



Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe - Transit Range

Available in 16" and 18" seat width


Ultra lightweight wheelchair for travelling


What types of manual wheelchairs are there?

There are three types to choose from:



Total chair weights typically range between 12-16kg in this category. These weights can be reduced further by removing leg rests and in many cases the rear wheels for transporting.


Economically priced to suit all budgets. Most models are available in either 16” (41cm) or 18” (46cm) seat widths - some have additional sizes



Karma S-Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair

Available in 16", 18", and 20" seat width



These wheelchairs are made from very lightweight aluminium, allowing for lower chair weights typically range between 8-13kg. These weights can be made even lighter by removing leg rests and in many cases the rear wheels for transporting.


Lighter to propel and much easier to transport. Most models are available in either 16” (41cm) or 18” (46cm) seat widths - some have additional sizes.



Days Swift Wheelchair - Self Propelled

Available in 16" and 18" seat width



These models are designed for larger or Bariatric users. They offer wider seat sizes from 20”-24” (51-61cm) and increased weight capacities from 160-325kg. Total chair weights typically range between 15-27kg in this category.


Tilt and Recline: The tilt feature enables you to change the orientation of the user, without changing their hip to back angle thereby reducing pressure build-up.


The recline feature increases the angle between the hip and back to allow the user to recline or ‘lie-back’ in the wheelchair.


These chairs are widely used when prolonged use is required and are fully adjustable to suit specific needs.



Karma Eagle Heavy Duty Wheelchair - Self-propelled

Available in 20" and 22" seat width

With so many options available and so many factors to consider, choosing the right wheelchair can be quite challenging.


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