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Toilet aids can be so import in ensuring safety in the bathroom as well as enabling and prolonging greater independence. However, toilet mobility solutions come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to know what is most suitable.


Here a few of the most common types of toilet aids as well as the benefits and limitations of each:


Toilet surround frames

  • Can be removed when not in use
  • Provides handholds but uses existing toilet seat

Toilet surrounds – also known as toilet frames – provide handholds and armrests to assist with transferring to and from a seated position. Perfect for when it is not practical to install handrails to the walls or when the toilet seat does not need to be raised, whilst still providing handhold to help control transfers.


R&R Height Adjustable Toilet Surround    R&R Deluxe Toilet Support    KCare Toilet Support Frame


Toilet seat raisers

  • Replaces existing toilet seat with a higher seat for easier transfer
  • Attached to existing toilet bowl
  • Available in with or without armrests

Toilet seat raisers – or raised toilet seats – in most cases replace the existing toilet seat and lid and attach directly onto the bowl. This means there is less chance of the seat moving, but also means it is impractical to move out of the way if the toilet is being used by multiple people that may not require the higher toilet seat.


Primarily designed to simply raise the toilet seat higher, there are options with armrests attached as well as models without armrests if there are already handrails or a support frame in place.


Peak - Raised Toilet Seat with lid    Peak - Raised Toilet Seat with swing back arms


Over toilet aid

  • Can be removed when not in use
  • Provides both handholds and a height adjustable seat

Over toilet aids offer some of the benefits of both the Surround Frame and Raised Toilet Seat. Providing a frame that sits over the top of the toilet bowl, providing handholds to push up from as well as being able to simple move out of the way when not in use, as it is not required to remove the toilet seat from the bowl – some models are also collapsible for even easier storage when not in use.


Furthermore, an Over Toilet Aid includes a raised toilet seat built in – mostly height adjustable as well – to make transferring from a seated position that little bit easier.


R&R Premium over toilet aid - 45 seat width    Over toilet aid - adjustable height    Peak Alumunium Over toilet aid with lid and bowl


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