Solutions Hub - The Importance of Choosing the Right Chair

Four important factors to consider when choosing the right chair


Incorrect seating can result in:

  • Poor posture
  • Joint, muscle or shoulder pain
  • Irritated tissue or pressure damage
  • Poor circulation
  • Blocking of veins and nerves
  • Intestinal trouble
  • Incontinence issues


Overall, the use of incorrect seating can reduce quality of life by negatively impacting an individual’s functional health. Choosing the correct seating can help to counteract this. By providing comfort, decreasing pain, promoting circulation and providing safety, correct seating solutions can empower individuals to regain or maintain their independence for longer.



To select a chair that will best meet a person’s needs, there are 4 main principles to be considered:

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  1. Posture
  2. Stability
  3. Comfort
  4. Function


1. Posture

Ensuring that a person’s back and neck are supported whilst seated is important as it can help reduce the risk of muscle strain or over-usage. A seat that allows the user to sit comfortably yet maintain a good posture is ideal. 


It is important to consider the seat width, height and depth when assessing whether the seat will help promote good posture.


If a seat is too wide, it may lead to the user leaning to one of the armrests, resulting in them not maintaining an upright position on the seat.

Conversely, a seat that is too narrow causes pressure issues and reduces the ability for the user to move around comfortably.


The depth of a chair matters when choosing the seating.

If the seat is too long, it can put pressure on the tailbone and exacerbate poor posture.

If a seat is too short, it can lead to insufficient support under the thighs.

If a seat is too high, it could mean that there is no support for the feet.


A seat that is too short often causes the person to slump in the chair leading to kyphotic posture - Kyphotic posture refers to the forward curving of the back.


Some Recliner Lift Chair ranges allow for modification upon purchase to ensure the perfect seat height, depth and width for the user.


Configura - Comfort Riser Recliner Chair

Available in Small, Medium, or Large


Oscar - Hudson Riser Recliner Chair

Available in Oscar fabric or leather



2. Stability

Stability is all about ensuring that the user is able to maintain their independence whilst using the chair.


Is it easy for them to sit and get up from the chair?

Can the person use the chair safely?

The chosen chair should help mitigate other risks that could lead to a fall.


Lift Chairs offer the benefit of reducing muscle strain enabling a more stable transfer to and from a seated position.


Alivio - Leonardo Riser Recliner Chair


Alivio - Michelangelo Riser Recliner Chair



3. Comfort

It is important to anticipate how long the user will be sitting the chair. This can play a part in deciding which chair is most suitable.


Bridge chairs – or static chairs - are primarily designed for short-term sitting.

They usually have soft padding for more comfort whilst getting dressed or performing other shorter tasks.


Murray Bridge High Back Support Chair

Available in 45 cm, 52 cm or 60 cm seat width


If the user will be spending prolonged periods of time in the chair, a lounge seat may be better suited as they are designed for longer use.


Configura - Comfort Riser Recliner Chair

Available in Small, Medium, or Large


4. Function

Considering a person’s physical strength and limitations are also crucial when deciding on the right choice of seating.

Does the user have limited upper body or lower body strength?

Will the user be assisted for standing and balance with something like a walking aid?

Should the complexity and ease of use of the hand controller be considered?


Alivio - Donatello Recliner Lift Chair

Available in High, Standard, or Lateral Backrest


There are so many other factors to consider when choosing the right seating. Come discuss all the features and benefits of our wide range of seating by visiting our Team in store, or by contacting them via phone or email.


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