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Gift Ideas for People with Limited Mobility this Christmas

Gift Ideas for People with Limited Mobility this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for friends and family to get together. While it’s a fun and festive holiday, gift giving can be a real point of stress for some people. It’s often a challenge to find a present that someone will really like and put to good use. To alleviate some of the stress, try thinking about what people might need instead of simply what they want.

While practical gifts might not seem like the most exciting goodies to open under the tree, they serve a great purpose in the long run. If you’re looking for a wonderful (and practical) gift idea for a loved one with limited mobility, we’ve got you covered. Feast your eyes on our gift guide below:

1. Configura Comfort Chair

Lift spirits by giving the gift of the Configura Comfort Chair. This revolutionary new chair with unparallel adaptability and custom options is designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements. It can help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers and help them to stand and sit. The chair offers great adjustability, in 3 different sizes, to ensure the chairs fits the user perfectly. 

2. Ucello Tipping Kettle

If you know someone who can’t go a day without a cup of tea but struggles with joint and strength issues, then the Uccello Kettle is the perfect gift for them. Unlike other kettles, the Uccello is ergonomically designed to allow you to deliver steaming hot water by gently tipping it forward. There’s no undue pressure or lifting required!

3. Sholley Trolley

The Sholley Trolley is the strongest, lightest, most stylish and easiest to walk with shopper. These trolleys are designed to give people greater independence. They can be taken to shopping centres, markets or supermarkets. A Sholley Trolley is very stable and easy to lean on offering great comfort and support to people who need some assistance when walking.

Sholley Trolleys give people confidence and convenience when shopping out and about.

Sholley Trolleys give people confidence and convenience when shopping out and about.

4. Walking Stick with Tripod Seat

Unlike ordinary walking sticks, the Tripod Seat Stick allows users to sit down as well! It’s a simple, fixed height, lightweight folding cane with a seat rest for when it’s required. These are great for people who want to get out and about but are worried there won’t always be nearby seating.

5. Interactive Companion Pets

Joy for All Companion Pets provide people of all ages comfort, companionship and fun. If you know anyone who experiences loneliness, isolation or who has Alzheimer’s, Interactive Companion Pets have been known to calm, soothe and most importantly promote happiness – without the vet bills! You can choose from the Joy for All Golden PupTabby Cat or Silver Cat.



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