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How to make independent bathing that little bit easier

Bathing without assistance can be so important to our independence and dignity, and there are many aids and products that can make independent bathing easier, safer, and more effective.


Bathing aids come in many shapes and sizes, and can have many purposes, these include but are not limited to:

  1. Aids to assist with reaching
  2. Safety aids for transferring to and from the shower
  3. Aids to assist with limited mobility or leg strength
  4. Aids to assist bathing with injuries, casts, or bandages


Aids to assist with reaching

To avoid the strain of reaching and twisting to ensure good hygiene, there are many simple and affordable products to assist in cleaning those trick to reach area, from long handled sponges that can be bent into any shape – perfect for cleaning the middle of your back - to shower sandals and toe washers.


Long Handled Toe Washer

With 2 replacement pads


HomeCraft Bendable Long Handled Sponge

61cm Long


Shower Sandal



ETAC Beauty Back Washer


Safety aids for transferring to and from the shower

Moving to and from the shower can be one of the most common places for a slip or fall to occur, a non-slip mat – or bathmat – can provide that little additional security, especially when used along with handrailing.


The shower mats help to provide more grip on the base of your shower, provide additional grip stepping into the shower while allowing water to flow through and not pool on the mat.



Immerse Bathmat Clear

52cm x 52cm


Immerse Bathmat Clear

38cm x 82cm


Peak Non-Slip Bathmat – Ivory

40cm x 70cm


Meanwhile, non-slip mats that sit outside the entrance to the shower can provide a safer surface to step out of the shower onto. 


Non-slip Rubber Backed Mat

Available in 60x90cm or 90x120cm


Self-propelled shower commodes are also available for those unable to walk into the shower.


KCare Self-Propelled Shower Commode

445mm seat width


Aids to assist with limited mobility or leg strength

If standing for prolonged periods to shower is difficult, tiring or no longer possible, shower chairs or stools can be a useful solution to allow you to continue to shower independently for a seated position.


Shower chairs often have the additional benefit of a comfortable backrest and arms to assist with transferring to and from a seated position, meanwhile if space is limited shower stool can provide the ability to sit in the shower whilst not taking up to much space in the shower.


KCare - Shower Stool with Arms

R & R Healthcare Shower Chair

Peak Triangular Corner Shower Stool


Endeavour Life Care - Wide Shower Chair



Aids to assist bathing with injuries, casts, or bandages


Post-surgery or after an injury it can be difficult to bathe independently or otherwise, especially if there is a cast, bandages or an exposed wound involved.


Cast protectors can help to cover the affected area and seal it off to protect from water causing any damage. Often available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Seal Tight Cast and Bandage Protector


Peak Cast & Bandage Protector – Half Leg

Available in Small, Medium, or Large


Cast / Bandage Protector - Arm

Available in Small, Medium, or Large



There are so many different types of bathing aids and products to choose from.


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