iCare Bedroom Solution

Most people begin and end their day in their bedroom. That is why it is very important to make sure that the space is comfortable, relaxing and provides all the safety and functional requirements needed.


The iCare bedroom range offers a wholistic product selection to meet any and all of your bedroom requirements. From adjustable homecare beds and mattresses to continence protection, safety accessories and heat management solutions – all of which are designed to function perfectly together.


Adjustable Homecare Beds

The IC333 homecare beds are designed with the simple goal, to provide all the functions and benefits of a hospital bed without looking out of place in the bedroom.


Featuring the head tilt, knee break, foot lift, height adjustable close to floor line, and Trendelenburg tilt.


The IC333 is also available in multiple different fabric and colour option ensuring it can fit in any bedroom with any décor.

iCare Beds trim fabric colours


There is also a number of options if a couple has different positioning requirements but still want to sleep in the same bed.

iCare partner bed configuration


  • The partner bed set up is perfect if one person can safely sleep in a standard bed, as the partner bed can be pushed right up against the ic333 homecare bed with some minor adjustments.
  • If both users require – or want – access to the adjustable features of the home care beds, but require different sleep positions the Split Queen option could be the perfect solution, allowing for independent control of bed position on both sides of the bed.


iCare iC333 Electric Adjustable Home Care Beds    iCare IC333 Adjustable Bed - Split Queen




The right mattress can make all the difference in providing a comfortable night’s sleep. The iCare range of mattresses provide a variety of different option in order to find the perfect fit for every user.
The Visco Memory foam mattress range are available in a variety of firmness levels. There is also Latex and Hospital grade pressure care options.


  • The latex mattress is suitable for low pressure risk users and is the most similar to a spring based in terms of feel. It also offers bounce back support for assisting with transfers.
  • The M2 Medical Grade Mattress is suitable for high-risk pressure care and is suitable for users weighing 40-215kg.


The Visco Memory foam mattresses also include a 10-year warranty with purchase. All other mattresses include a 5-year warranty.


Firm MattressMedium firm mattressSoft mattress

Latex mattressM2 Medical Mattress


Bed Safety & Accessories

From transfer aids like over bed poles, bed rails for additional safety, to upholstered headboards and footboards to complete the look and feel of the bedroom. The iCare range of bedroom accessories offers a range of solutions to meet any needs.


iCare High Side Rail with bracketsiCare Upright Bed Stick with Safety Return HandleiCare Self Help Over Bed Pole

iCare U-Assist Side RailiCare Pillow Suspenders SetiCare IC333 Bed Headboard


Pillows & Bedding

Also available from iCare are a range of bedding, sheets, mattress protectors, absorbent bed pads and pillows to meet all your comfort and continence requirements.


iCare Absorbent Bed Pad - Tuck in Flaps - Long SingleiCare Adjustable Bed Sheet SetiCare Fully Enclosed Mattress Cover


The ActiveX Pillows come in a variety of styles, design for different sleeping positions and preferences.

  • The Curve Pillow is designed for front and side sleeping.
  • The Contour Pillo9w is designed for Back and side sleeping.
  • The Classic and Cloud offer differing levels of firmness but are designed to be used in all sleeping positions.


iCare Visco Cloud PillowiCare Visco Classic PillowiCare Visco Curve PillowiCare Visco Contoured Pillow


Temperature Management – Cooling Solutions

Also available is the Hydrosense Temperature Management System. Designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in bed, helping to manage issues with heat sensitivity caused by multiple sclerosis, diabetes, kidney disease, inflammation.


The Hydrosense system works by pumping temperature controlled water through a mattress pad – or other accessory – flowing around before returning to the reservoir, ensuring the water is maintaining the correct temperature.


iCare Hydrosense Pump – Temperature regulationiCare HydroSense Mattress Pad


Our team have years of experience in finding the right products and will tailor the solutions based on your needs.

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