Cathie's Corner How to choose a lift & recline chair

Power lift recliner chairs - what to consider prior to purchasing one


While it can often be easy to decide that we need a little help in our daily activities – like using a 'Lift & Recline' lounge chair for assistance to stand, sit, or rest in a comfortable position. However, it is not always easy to compare features, and choose which chair would meet our needs best, without a bit of guidance. 


There are many options in the electric lift and recliner chairs, also known as 'lift chairs' or 'rise and recline chairs'. Hopefully the benefits and considerations we outline below will help you to select the features that will best suit you.


Woman standing up from riser recliner chair

The main purpose of Power Lift Recliner chairs is to assist users to stand up from a seated position.


When your feet are planted firmly on the floor and you raise the chair with the remote controller, the chair brings you into a semi-standing position. Some models can even lift to an almost complete standing position.


The lift feature makes it easier to stand with much less physical effort and provides a stable position to stand and walk away from the chair or transfer to another device (such as a wheelchair).


Many people find that after a period of illness or where mobility and leg strength are reduced for any reason, it can be difficult to stand from a lounge chair without assistance. If shoulder and arm strength are also reduced, or pain is an issue, it may not be easy to use your arms to help push yourself up to standing, so an electric aid to stand can be a very welcome device.

Powered riser recliner chair

These chairs also offer an electric recline mechanism, including footboard raise, to provide exceptional comfort and promote circulation.


Some of the benefits of using a lift chair include:

  1. Increasing independence and ease of moving from sitting to standing
  2. Can assist caregivers to reduce manual lifting and supporting requirements as the chair brings the user to stand for easier and safer transfers
  3. Correct posture and pressure reduction is enabled through multiple seating positions
  4. Elimination of shoulder fatigue associated with manual recliners
  5. Leg elevation for fluid reduction and promotion of circulation


Lift and recline chairs come in two standard configurations: 'single' or 'dual motor' and are available in various sizes from petite to extra-large. They also come in a range of fabrics, cushion and comfort designs, and many with adjustments that can be made by the Leef Customer Team to really fit the chair to your personal shape and support preferences.


When deciding whether to buy a lift and recline chair, and which one to choose, having an assessment and arranging a trial of the chair prior to making a decision, is highly recommended.


Man sitting at lounge room with powered lift reclined chair


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