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  1. Comfort and positioning aids: prevent neck or back pain and snoring

    Solutions Hub - Comfort & Positioning Aids

    Is your sleeping position causing you pain and discomfort?

    Learn about how the way you sleep may be having an impact on your snoring and even cause you to wake up with neck and back pain – plus find out what you can do to fix that.

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  2. 5 Mobility Bath Aids that will help make your bathroom safer

    Cathie's Corner 5 Bathroom mobility banner

    Unsurprisingly, the bathroom and toilet can be hazardous due to the combination of water, slippery tiles, and hard surfaces. Here are some simple suggestions that can make a huge difference in improving safety and reducing the likelihood of falls in the bathroom.

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  3. What is a mobility aid and which one is best for me?

    Cathie's Corner - what is a mobility aid and which one is best for me?

    Mobility aids are things that help you get about more easily/safely. From handy walking sticks and urban poles, to functional shopping trolleys and rollators or walkers, find out which mobility aids may be best for you. Find out which mobility aids will best help you to get stronger, recover, or just age gracefully.

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  4. Review of different cushion types to help prevent pressure injuries

    The risk of pressure injury increases when a person has impaired mobility and or sensation changes. Understanding that pressure injuries result from prolonged pressure as well as from friction or dragging over a surface or rubbing on a surface, can help us to avoid the risks. The good news is there are a lot of pressure prevention cushion options to choose from depending on individual circumstances and needs.

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