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  1. Tovertafel 2 - Purposeful Play

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    Tovertafel 2 – Purposeful Play

    Whether it’s encouraging interaction or increasing positive emotions, play is the ultimate solution for elderly people living with dementia. The Tovertafel helps care professionals improve the quality of life of their clients.

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  2. Companion Pets and People Living with Dementia

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    Companion Pets for People Living with Dementia

    Those of us that love pets, or who have always had pets, know how much comfort, company and fun they provide us with in everyday life. Joy for All companion pets were developed to provide companionship for people whose living arrangements are not pet-friendly, or in situations where caring for a pet is impractical.

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  3. Dementia Care Solutions: 3 latest innovations from around the world

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    Dementia Care Solutions – 3 latest innovations from around the world

    There are now many solutions available that support those living with dementia, as well as those that care for them. Learn more about these amazing innovations such as the Magic Table, a sensory experience, and virtual reality for seniors. 

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