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Tovertafel 2 – Purposeful Play


Now more than ever, it is important to provide people living with dementia social, cognitive and physical stimulation. The wonderful technology behind the Tovertafel 2 can help provide that and more.


The Tovertafel 2 is a complete interactive games system designed for people living with dementia, or with intellectual disabilities.


Based on extensive scientific research, the Tovertafel has been proven to improve the quality of life of players and the quality of care that carers can provide. Through stimulating social interaction movement and cognitive exercise, The Tovertafel gives true meaning to "purposeful" play.




The games consist of interactive light projections that offer players more than just amazement and fun.



  • Adaptive and intuitive advanced technology
  • Seamlessly adjusts to its players to suit the players mobility range


User Friendly:

  • Lightweight and easy to move from one location to another
  • Exceptionally clear and razor-sharp images



  • Access to all games for seniors living with dementia
  • 24/7 inspiration and support via our online platform – a fantastic tool for carers and Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinators facilitating sessions for residents


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People interacting and having fun with Tovertafel

‘‘It is so moving to see the benefits of Tovertafel firsthand.

I’ve seen residents who usually exclude themselves from social activities become so immersed and engaged in the experience with their fellow residents… I’ve seen Occupational Therapists use it to help in rehabilitation programs for residents… I’ve witnessed residents smile over stories shared about their past as the games evoke memories for them.

The Tovertafel games system can make such a positive impact and it promotes social interaction… It’s just amazing.’’

Ruby Hazelton
Solutions Specialist



Leef Independent Living Solutions is proud to be Australia and New Zealand’s sole distributor of this amazing technology.


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