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What kind of mobility scooter is most suitable for me?

Mobility scooters are an increasingly popular mode of transport, and rightfully so. Perfect for the elderly, those unable to walk long distances, or those who just want to remain independent and access their local community with greater ease.


Compared to a car, mobility scooters are easy and safe to use, and much cheaper to run. When someone is no longer safe or able to drive a car, a mobility scooter can be a great replacement to keep you out and about.


Grandfather with grandson outing


Whilst you do not currently require a licence or need to register a mobility scooter in Australia, we always recommend that you speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional to discuss whether a mobility scooter is suitable for you to use.


When deciding whether to buy a mobility scooter there are many things to consider, possibly most of all; what performance specifications and size of mobility scooter you require.


The three most common mobility scooter classifications are:

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Small/portable scooters

Ideal for those looking to travel with their scooter regularly, either in the car or traveling on holiday.

These scooters generally dismantle easily into smaller, lighter parts so they can be loaded into a vehicle and, with their relatively small solid tyres, are designed to be used in places with smooth, flat surfaces. Small and manoeuvrable enough for use indoors, these are perfect for trips to the shopping centre or down to the corner shop.


Due to their size, they are generally not suitable for tall (over 180cm) or heavy users (over 100kg). Top speeds vary up to 8-10km/h and they generally offer a maximum travel range per charge of 15-25km.


Invacare Colibri Lightweight Mobility Scooter


TopGun Bandit Mobility Scooter

Available in White, Silver, Blue, or Red


Shoprider - QT8-S Portable Mobility Scooter

Available in Blue or Red


Medium sized scooters

The most common and popular size of mobility scooter that is suitable for general outdoor and limited indoor use.

Person on scooter

Medium scooters usually have at least 10” pneumatic tyres for traversing rougher terrain, as well as featuring suspension for comfort, lights for night use and comfortable adjustable seating. Whilst they can still often be dismantled, they are often more suitable for occasional transporting as they are heavier and no designed for frequent dismantling.


Top speeds very rarely are less than the recommended maximum speed limit of 10km/h and they offer a maximum travel range per charge of 30-55km.


Shoprider - SEKA Mobility Scooter

Available in Burgundy Red or Cobalt Blue


Invacare Pegasus Pro Mobility Scooter

Available in White, Blue, Green, Silver, or Red 



Large sized scooters

Most suitable for taller or heavier users (with weight capacities up to 225kg), as well as for use on rougher tracks or paths.

Featuring superior, soft-riding suspension, increased legroom, and more power than standard scooters. They are often more capable and comfortable when used over uneven terrain than smaller models.


The more powerful motor allows for improved performance on steep hills and for more robust use over longer distances. Top speeds very rarely are less than the recommended maximum speed limit of 10km/h and in some case can be driven at up to 14km/h. They offer a maximum travel range per charge of 40-60km.


Invacare Comet Ultra Mobility Scooter

Available in White, Blue, Green, Silver, or Red 

Merits Explorer - Mobility Scooter

Available in Silver, Red, or Turquoise 


Shoprider - Viking Chopper 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter



Cabin scooters

Designed for when use in worse weather conditions is required.

Shoprider Rain Rider with door open

These fully enclosed scooter options allow the user to be protected from the rain and sun, and often feature removable doors for when it gets too hot.


Top speeds are generally 10km/h, and they offer a maximum travel range per charge of 30-45km.


Shoprider - Rain Rider All Weather Mobility Scooter

Available in Red or Blue



There are so many different types of mobility scooters to choose from.


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