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Active Minds Reminiscence Cards - Options


This reminiscence product has been developed with and for people living with dementia and is an activity for people in mid stage dementia. The beautifully presented cards are designed to spark a range of conversations around some favourite memories.

On the backs of the beautifully presented Reminiscence Cards are some conversation prompts that can be really useful for stimulating group, individual or family conversations and connections.

This guided activity has been appreciated by therapists and carers in facilities working to enhance interaction and interpersonal involvement of residents. 

Each pack contains 15 carefully selected reminiscent images around different themes from the 1950s - 1970s. Each set has a wide range of images spanning interests and memories.

For a quick start, ask an individual to choose a card and then use the questions on the back of the card to initiate exciting conversations.

Albums to choose from are:

Home, Holiday, Animals & Loves

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