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AdVital Nutritional Support Formula - 805g Can


A busy lifestyle, illness or an unbalanced diet can disrupt your vitality. In order to maintain your health and wellbeing, you need a balance of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Flavour Creations' AdVital has been specially formulated by an expert team of scientists and dietitians with an innovative one scoop per serve formula to enhance your nutritional intake when you may not be getting all the nutrition you need from food. With 27 Vitamins & Minerals and 15 g Protein per serve, just one scoop of AdVital improves your daily nutritional intake.

We’ve made mixing easy and accurate! AdVital’s innovative one scoop (35 g) per serve formulation delivers maximum nutrition in a small volume. AdVital is easy to add to a wide range of sweet, savoury, hot and cold foods and drinks, thus cutting down on preparation time and increasing compliance.

AdVital has a neutral flavour that will mix quickly and easily into your favourite drinks and foods including puddings, casseroles, mashed potato, purees and soup without altering the taste or aroma.

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