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AdVital Smooth Fruits Nutritional Supplement - Pack of 4


Smooth Fruits are a nutritionally complete high protein (15 g per serve), high energy (1.5 kcal per gram) snack available in a delicious variety of creamy fruit puree flavours.

Suitable for Texture C diets, Smooth Fruits are the equivalent to a meal and ideal for those with compromised nutritional status and poor appetites. The range is available in a handy 120 g ready-to-consume cup.

Flavour Creations’ Smooth Fruits are suitable for use in residential aged care settings and in cases of anorexia & bulimia, protein-calorie malnutrition, post-operative, injury or trauma, dysphagia diets and cachexia.

Pack size: Pack of 4 120g ready to eat cups

Available in 2 flavours - Banana & Mango, and Apple & Plum  

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