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Airgo Comfort Plus Offset Cane - Options


The Airgo Comfort Plus Offset Handle Cane is engineered to provide comfort and security with every step. This popular product has an anti-slip cushioned handle to absorb impact and protect your hand as you place it for each step, a non-slip treaded tip with a triangle profile to provide more contact with the ground as you move through each step and the offset angle provides even greater support helping you to feel secure in your walking.

5 colour options.

Key Features:

  • Cushion-top conforms to your hand and helps reduce impact shock transfer- Handle colour is in the same tone as the colour of the cane chosen
  • Designed to fit more comfortably in your hand
  • Cane strap with reflective patch for added night-time safety
  • The Flex-grip tip is engineered to provide more continuous surface contact throughout the walking motion
  • Tread design provides superior grip and also helps to absorb impact shock 
  • 12 individual height settings offer an unparalleled range of adjustments that fits most people 5'-6'5"
  • Cane height adjusts from 28" to 39" to enable setting the height that suits you best

To  set the correct height:

  • Select the push button setting that positions the handle at wrist level, when your arm is at your side.

For You.

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