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Avail - Glance Angled Grab Rail


The Availcare Glance Angled grab rail complements modern bathroom designs with its minimalist styling.

Compliant to AS1428.1 for use as Ambulant rails in public toilets and homes

These rails come standard with 450mm rails in each direction which can be cut down during installation to whatever length you require.

Available in 45 and 90 degree angles. The LH and RH handing is when viewed from sitting on the toilet or shower seat, will the rail be on you left or right.

These Glance Rails have have a 30mm diameter rail to suit the Australian Standard. They help getting on and off the toilet or shower seat the toilet.

The Glance rails have been independently tested and approved to the Australian standard 1428.1-2009 (Grab Rails) with over 110 kg weight rating.

We can also arrange installation for you if required, please call our friendly staff or visit us in store if you are interested in this service.

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