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Bassett Lumbar Support (Std)


The Bassett Lumbar support provides comfortable support for lower back pain sufferers and those requiring postural support in the car, office, lounge, kitchen or pretty much any chair!

It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry from place to place weighing only 850 grams (1lb 14oz). The framed mesh construction provides support to the natural curve of the spine as well as sideways support which can prove invaluable when travelling in a car, train or plane where sideways stability can help to ease the aggravation of back pain. 


  • The Bassett Lumbar support will fit on almost any chair
  • Its mesh structure allows the air to circulate, thus preventing undue perspiration, while giving firm, comfortable support.
  • It provides good postural positioning to perform work tasks from a seated position particularly if sitting for extended periods.
  • Useful not only for people with back pain or arthritic pain, but also in general use for work positioning and reducing fatigue due to the vertical as well as postural side support provided by the design.
  • Ideal for supporting your back when travelling in a car. 

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