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Bellman Personal Amplifier Maxi - Options


The Bellman Maxi is an easy to use, personal amplifier for people who need some help with their hearing, but don't need hearing aids, or have difficulty managing traditional hearing aids.

Maxi works with hearing aids and cochlear implants and comes with a choice of listening accessory, headphones or earphones.

Spending time with friends and family is a pleasant break from everyday life,  but it can also become very tiring if you have to struggle to hear what people are saying. A personal amplifier will help you to hear the words loud and clear.

A personal amplifier can assist you in many everyday situations:

  • Around the dinner table or even when you watch TV.
  • Place it on the table to hear the words loud and clear, without others having to repeat themselves.
  • Use the directional microphone to hear the words in situations when it’s particularly difficult to hear.
  • Connect it to the TV, radio or stereo set and listen at the volume of your choice.
  • Get more out of the show by capturing the sound with the built-in Telecoil in venues fitted with a loop system.
  • Place it on the desk or counter to hear at the bank, medical or other appointments without missing any information or being overheard by others.
  • Just hang it around the neck of your travel companion and it will filter out traffic noise and bring out the words.


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