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Bellman Pressure Mat System - Exit Alert for Room, Bed, or Chair


The Bellman Pressure Mat System is useful to alert carers or family if a person in the household leaves a designated area and might require assistance for safety.

The alarm will sound when they step onto the mat positioned by the exit door (or bed or chair). 

The alerting device is also ideal for households with deaf and hearing-impaired persons to alert them when someone comes in the door, or if placed outside the main entrance can alert to the arrival of visitors.

The kit is made up of 3 components: 

The sensor mat- Stepping on the mat:

  • Alerts you if anyone enters or exits a room, gets out of bed, or moves across the mat from a chair
  • Works with the Transmitter
  • Sends wireless signal to the receiver, which sounds a loud (variable volume) ringing sound, or flashes or vibrations.


Mat dimensions: 29 x 16.5 x .08 inches. 3-month manufacturer's warranty.


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