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Bellman Visit Pager Charging Stand


The BE1260 Visit Charger is a charger for the BE1230 Visit Pager (see separate listing) and is for indoor use only.

When the Visit Pager is fitted in the charger, the charger can attract the user's attention. To ensure reliable operation, the Visit Charger must always be charged for 24 hours either when first used or when the internal back-up batteries have run down. The power supply unit should generally be connected at all times so that the internal back-up batteries are charged automatically.

Charging of the Visit Pager (separate product) is controlled by the pager. Charging generally takes up to 8 hours. When charging the LED (3) will light up green. The LED will go out when trickle charging. The charger has built-in back-up batteries that are automatically charged when the charger is connected to the mains. In the event of a power failure, the back-up batteries will power the charger's vibrator function for a limited time.

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