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Bidet Coway BA08 Standard


In many cases a bidet toilet seat can be fitted to an existing toilet enabling "hands-free" toileting with a warm water wash and warm air drying to ensure optimal independence, hygiene and confidence.

The bidet comes standard with a handheld remote control to operate the different functions-  wash, dry on or off. 

Bidet rails are also available to assist to steady to sit or stand if required.

There are a couple of issues to consider before ordering:

  • The correct sized bidet to fit the shape of your toilet is necessary. It is best to telephone to get the required measurements to ensure that this bidet will fit your toilet securely.
  • To meet current plumbing regulations it is required that the water outlet of the bidet is a specified distance form the water overflow level of the toilet. To ensure that this standard is met and does not require a specialised "backflow prevention valve" and regular plumber checking and certification the bidet can be installed using an 8cm seat riser. This will create sufficient distance to satisfy the regulation.
  • If raising the seat by 8 cm will make the toilet too tall for you or other users to sit on comfortably please phone before purchasing
  • The bidet must be installed by a registered plumber - cost of installation is NOT included in the purchase price.
  • There needs to be a power-point within 1.5 metres of the toilet for the power to operate the bidet.
  • The home needs to have an RCD Safety Power Box fitted- where the safety switch turns off the electricity in the event of an electrical overload (not the old "fuse" box style as is in some older homes. This is a safety requirement when power is near a potential wet area. Most newer or renovated homes do have this but it is necessary to check.

We are able to provide a quote for all the bidet components you might require and for installation as well. We are able to arrange the full process for you if you wish to contact the shop to discuss your needs 

If you are interested in this product please click the enquire button, call our friendly staff, or come visit us in store.

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