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Blys Lighting Tablet


This is much more than a lamp or nightlight , Blys enables focused security, spatial awareness, reduces falls and breakages, low impact illumination, and improves ambience for residents and carers alike.

Many residents in care or those living with anxiety or dementia sleep with the light on due to darkness heightening their anxiety – sleep deprivation can lead to poor temper, poor health and may accelerate their cognitive functioning level.

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed for the specific needs of elderly people.

Can be used as a nightlight or gentle bedroom lighting, and enables access to essential personal possessions such as glasses, alarms or medications during the night, aiding peace of mind and more restful sleep.

As a nightlight it provides a low-level glow which allows un-interrupted sleep, but on waking it provides a focus in a room, allowing items such as bedside lights, spectacles, water, phone, and other personal items to be easily identified without switching the main light on.

A low level of light from the tray provides an immediate focus and sense of security if wakened during the night, whilst preventing the shock experienced when turning on conventional lighting, or the frustration of finding the light switch.

Blys™ measures 400mm by 400mm square and is only 25mm deep. It has four non-slip feet and is spill proof.

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