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Buckingham EasyWipe Bottom Wiper


The Buckingham Easywipe assists with personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult and removes the need to touch the paper after using the toilet.

Easily gripping toilet tissue, the mechanism holds it in place and then releases it once used with the push of a button.

Latex free, the handle has a smooth, rounded shape that’s easy to use if you have limited manual dexterity. Supplied with a storage bag, it can also be used with wet-wipes for your convenience.

  • Ensures easy reach.
  • Works equally well with toilet tissue or wet wipes.
  • Releases the tissue paper cleanly without the need to touch.
  • Easy to keep clean with no dirt traps.
  • Light strong and durable.
  • Supplied with its own wipe clean carry case.
  • Latex Free
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