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Configura Bariatric Riser Recliner Lounge Chair


Configura Bariatric brings Configura technology to bariatric seating. This offers unprecedented adjustability, flexibility and peace of mind for the prescriber.

The basic model features dual motor operation, Duratek fabric and tilt-in-Space 41 cm (16") seat height design. Unless otherwise stated, this chair is supplied with a visco cushion and a multi-adjustable pillow backrest.

The chairs are designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements, to help reduce the formation of pressure injuries and help users with limited mobility to stand or sit . The higher position of the leg rest when raised is ideal for assisting with swelling and circulation issues in the legs.

All Configura chairs have tilt-in-space mechanisms, integrated interchangeable pressure care and interchangeable posture management options. If you require adjustments or alterations to the basic size models, please call 13 LEEF (13 5333) or visit us in store.

Configura Bariatric is appropriate for:

  • Bariatric users
  • Users at risk of pressure injury
  • Users with current pressure injuries (subject to assessment by a health professional)
  • Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users
  • Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
  • Users with neurological conditions
  • Users with a kyphosis
  • Users with oedematous legs and/or fluid build-up
  • The flat or vertical rise function is particularly suited to users with Muscular Dystrophy who need to lock knees before transferring

It is not appropriate for:

  • Complex postural requirements
  • Users with fixtures and contractures
  • Users with a limited extension at the knees
  • Users who need to be transported from room to room


  • Max. load capacity - 254kg
  • Overall dimensions
    • In normal seated position
      • Height - 115 cm
      • Width - 105 cm
      • Depth - 170 cm
    • In reclined position
      • Height - 105 cm
      • Width - 105 cm
      • Depth - 100 cm
    • In risen position
      • Height - 145 cm
      • Width - 105 cm
      • Depth - 100 cm
  • Backrest Height - 115 cm
  • Floor to Top of Arms - 63cm
  • Chair to Arm Height - 20 cm
  • Height to Front of Seat in Risen Position - 50 cm
  • Height to Rear of Seat in Risen Position - 65cm


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