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Cool Touch Microwave Bowl - 3 Piece Set


Never burn your fingers again with this 3-piece set! Includes ceramic bowl, microwave bowl holder and vented lid. This clever system features two bowls nestled within each other. The inner ceramic bowl evenly heats your food while the insulated plastic bowl remains cool to touch, meaning you can heat and enjoy your favourite foods comfortably in the same bowl.

This unique 3-piece set, ceramic bowl fits inside microwave safe plastic bowl allowing the food inside the bowl to cook fast and stay warm.

Handy lid keeps microwave clean by preventing splatters.


  • Unique handle on the outer bowl allows for eating straight out of the microwave without dirtying more dishes and lets you hold the bowl with one hand.
  • Blue plastic outer bowl. White ceramic inner bowl. Clear plastic vented lid.
  • Ceramic bowl fits in microwave-safe bowl
  • Food cooks but outer bowl won’t get too hot to touch
  • Sturdy vented lid prevents splatter
  • Handles on outer bowl make it easy to hold
  • 24 oz./ 700g capacity bowl has a 6.25”/16cm diameter.

Never burn your fingers again!

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