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Depend Realfit Women Regular - CTN 32


Wear it like real underwear.

Specifically designed to fit like real underwear and protect against heavy loss of bladder control.

Depend Real-Fit features:

  • 3-in-1 protection offers worry-free odour control, fast absorption and a discreet fit
  • Super absorbency
  • Custom design to fit the shape of women
  • Worry-free odour protection
  • Nude cotton-like fabric
  • Feminine elastic waistband

Sizes Available:

  • Medium - Waist 71-102cm - Hip 86-117cm
  • Large - Waist 97-162cm - Hip 112-137cm
  • Extra Large - Waist 122-162cm - Hip 122-162cm

Carton contains 4 packs of 8.

This product is for a carton of multiple packs, click here if you would like to purchase an individual pack.

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