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Diffuser Coccyx Pressure Relieving Cushion


This forgiving memory foam cushion will reduce pressure on your (coccyx) tailbone and may reduce or prevent pain caused by pressure when sitting.

Help alleviate tailbone pain by using this quality seat cushion on all seating surfaces for car and other transport seating, on wheelchairs, dining chairs, work chairs and lounge chairs.


  • Use of this cushion may provide pain relief for a bruised tailbone, or other tailbone soreness.
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the coccyx, by suspending the coccyx over the cut-out section reducing pressure.
  • Optimum pressure relief - diffuses the body's load.
  • Lightweight, readily transportable.

Comes in 2 cover options:

  • Dura Fab - Soft woven washable polyester- feels like suede finish, in charcoal
  • Steri Plus - Moisture resistant polyurethane, able to be wiped clean, dark green colour

Durafab cover shown in image.

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