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Dreamfarm Spink Drink Holder - Prevents Tips & Spills


The "Spink" is a cup holder that sticks to your table so you'll never spill another drink. It can be unstuck and moved to another place but will stand steady unless you choose to move it.

This device is fabulous if the "shakes" or coordination difficulties mean that you may bump a drink on your table or have difficulty picking up and placing it down again  without spilling or tipping it. It can also make sure that the drink stands still and upright whilst you use a straw to drink.

The clever design means it will safely hold a drink bottle, a can, a soft-drink bottle, take away cup or a cup with a handle.

Great for safety around electrical desktop tech products, the Spink acts as a guide and will help position the drink in its upright position even if it is not placed exactly flat on the table, preventing tips and spills.

Care Instructions

After sticking your Spink to a few things it will start to pick up dust and become less sticky, but that's cool, simply rinse it under water and let it air dry, and hey presto it's as sticky as ever. It will re-stick over and over and over.....

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