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Drive X-Fold Rollator


The Drive X Fold Rollator folds in two directions (first horizontally and then vertically), making it very compact for easier storage and portability. It can easily fit in any car boot and is an ideal choice for travelling.


  • This product is made of a sturdy yet extremely lightweight aluminium cross brace and frame which is both durable and rust resistant.
  • It is easily transportable, weighing just 7.5kg.
  • It has a removable storage bag which is ideal for shopping items and other essentials or valuables.
  • It has push button height adjustment on the handles to suit its user's individual requirements, as well as ergonomically designed loop brakes for ease of use which have internally routed brake cables for added safety.
  • It's versatile, with its 8 inch diameter wheels being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Includes reflectors to enhance the user's visibility at dusk or night.


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