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Equagel Protector Gel Pressure Cushions - Options


The Equagel Protector is a multi-purpose pressure cushion for those with moderate to high pressure relief needs who are still able to shift their own weight. ​

EquaGel is made from a dry-polymer gel arranged in a series of columns. Sitting on the cushion places pressure on the cell walls, causing them to gently collapse, allowing the users body weight to be distributed across a greater surface. Intended for users who need moderate to high postural support.

The open structure of the EquaGel cushion enables greater air circulation making it cooler to sit on than many other support cushions.

  • All EquaGel cushions come with breathable, water-resistant and multi-stretch covers.
  • Equagel cushions have velcro straps for wheelchair attachment.
  • They are durable and require no maintenance making them very easy to use.

This range is the Protector Range in different sizes to suit different wheelchair or seat dimensions.

  • 400 x 400 mm, 16 x 16” 
  • 400 x 460 mm, 16 x 18” 
  • 460 x 400 mm, 18 x 16” 
  • 460 x 460 mm, 18 x 18” 
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