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Etac Food Preparation System


Etac Fix food preparation board is designed to help keep items in place, while the board remains secure and stable on the work surface, facilitating single handed food preparation. It stands firmly on its four friction feet or the enclosed suction feet. The jaws hold a bowl, grater or piece of food in place- see diagram.

There is also a small plate with spikes to hold smaller pieces of food. This can be removed and placed with the spikes pointing downwards to obtain a flat surface and remove the sharp spikes for safety when not required.

If you have reduced hand function a two hand grip doubles the strength but leaves no hand for holding. When using a two hand grip, with weak hands or with only one hand functioning well, the Etac Fix Food Preparation Board is indispensable, for cutting, whipping, peeling or grating etc.

The clamp means it can easily grip and adapt to left or right handed use.

Dishwasher safe.

For You.

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