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Etac Hi-Loo With Arms


The ETAC Hi-Loo with fixed mounting and arm supports is an attractive and practical toilet seat raiser with flip-up arm supports offering stability and a discreet design.

The raised seat facilitates sitting down and standing up and the arm supports provide extra support and safety. If required, the arm supports can be permanently fixed in the folded down position. The arm supports are detachable and have a comfortable rounded grip. If space around the toilet is limited, Hi-Loo can be used with only one arm support.

Hi-Loo is designed to fit both floor and wall mounted toilets and no tools are required for mounting. Stable and safe mounting, it can be fitted on most toilets and stays securely in place.

The raisers have two large friction elements, which give firm contact with the toilet. If extra stability is required for sideways transfers, the friction elements can be exchanged for brackets.

Comes in three options:

  • 6cm
  • 10cm
  • Angled - Recommended when knee or hip mobility is restricted.
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