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Ezy-As Compression Stocking Applicator - Options


The Compression Stocking Applicator is a unique device designed to assist in the easier application of compression stockings and garments. This device  enables a wide range of compression materials to be applied over the patients leg or arm without drag against fragile skin or disturbing dressings. Three colour coded sizes, compact, lightweight, and quick and easy to use.

This Compression Stocking Applicator is made from a lightweight, rigid, plastic structure designed to assist with fitting a range of different closed and open toe stockings or arm sleeves.

Three sizes available to fit limb size: Calf (leg) or Bicep (arm) CHL-AES

  • Red Small 28-35 (11- 13.5)
  • Yellow Medium 32-40 (12.5 – 15.75)
  • Blue Large 38-47 (15 – 1.5)

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