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Flavour Creations Screamies - Nutritional Support Ice Cream - Carton of 36


Ice cream does more than delight your senses, it transports you back to your childhood. 

Our deliciously smooth vanilla-flavoured Ice Cream, that’s unbelievably freeze thaw stable, will take people with dysphagia on a trip down memory lane. 

Unlike other ice creams, the latest innovative offering from Flavour Creations is a Level 900 consistency and amazingly remains at a Level 900 viscosity when defrosted.Remaining like ice cream instead of melting.

Using all natural colours and flavours, each portion-controlled 120 g shelf stable cup provides 3 kcal per gram.

Flavour Creations' Ice Cream is suitable for use in aged care settings and hospitals as it is shelf stable, portion controlled and ready to eat.

Carton Size: Carton of 36 x 120g ready to eat packs

Available in 4 flavours - Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Protein Salted Caramel (8 grams of protein per cup)

For You.

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