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Flexyfoot - Flexible shock absorbing crutch/cane tips


The uniquely designed flexyfoot walking stick/crutch tips help to absorb shock, which in turn can relieve pain and discomfort in the upper body, particularly when using crutches or a walking stick for prolonged periods.

Flexible bellows further help to keep the foot in full contact with the ground even on rough terrain, significantly improving both safety and comfort.

The foot tread, developed to provide more grip on wet and shiny surfaces provides up to 50% better grip and helps to prevent slips, trips and falls.

All Flexyfoot ferrules are sold with two O rings that can be fitted to the foot to provide greater shock absorbency for full weight bearing or very active users.

Choose from 19mm or 22mm to suit the size of your crutches or walking stick.

Note: These are sold as singles- if you are purchasing them for crutches you will need to buy two.

Maximum user weight: 130KG

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