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Gripperz Anklet Non Slip Socks - Options


Preventing falls is just as relevant at home, in supported accommodation or in hospital. Wherever you are, consider whether Gripperz could assist to improve safety. They will help you to avoid slips and falls and look great too.

Benefits of using Gripperz Non Slip Socks as part of your risk management plan:

  • Safety Socks - extensive grip dots extend along the entire length of the sole, minimising the chance of falls on hard & slippery floors.
  • They Stay Put - a contoured ankle & elasticised top prevents them twisting around and helps them stay in place.
  • Healthy - made of a high quality cotton to ensure breathability and absorbency.
  • Comfort & Warmth - provided by a cushioned sole and contoured ankle.

They come in a range of colours and sizes - available in black, red, grey and rainbow.  CHL-HNBS

These socks are also fabulous for Pilates, yoga or gym classes or just hanging about at home - Comfy and safe!

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